During this Easter season, we have heard the accounts of the disciples meeting with and discovering Jesus again after His resurrection. We hear about these encounters in many places and sites throughout the Gospels. One of these special locations is the Sea of Galilee. Here , we hear the story of the second time Peter and the disciples encounter Jesus.
(Christian Media Center) After the resurrection, Jesus continued to warm the hearts of the disciples with His appearances. In these meetings, rich in meaning, He left the fundamental teachings of Christianity, like faith, perseverance and love.
One of these visits took place in the vicinity of the Sea of Galilee. On its banks, Jesus went out to meet his disciples during a time of frustration: they had worked all night and were not able to catch any fish.
When morning came, according to the Gospel, Jesus stood on the shore and met with the disciples who did not recognize Him. He asked them if they had something to eat. They had not caught any fish that night, so Jesus gave them a challenge: “Cast your nets on the right side of the boat and you will find some.”
By responding to Jesus’ call, the disciples received confirmation of the support that He gives to those who persevere and trust. And this time their nets were full of fish.
Today, the Franciscan sanctuary of the Primacy of Peter stands where , according to tradition, Jesus ate with his disciples the meal prepared by himself.
KIM KUAH YONG, Korean Pilgrim
“Many Koreans come here on pilgrimage, to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. It is a very important place, full of peace.”
After they had finished breakfast, Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him.
He asked whom He Himself had chosen to lead the Church, three times.
CLAIRE LAPLEUR, French Pilgrim
“Seeing the place where Jesus asked Peter: ‘Peter, do you love me?’, it is like hearing Jesus also asking me: ‘Claire, do you love me?’.
I will go home with this question in my mind and in my heart and I want to respond in an increasingly better way through my life. ”
From the church to the sea, a path of stones that represent the apostles. Arranged in a heart shape, reminiscent of the qualities of Peter: “solid rock”, he learned that love is the way to follow Christ. And this example continues to attract Christians from around the world.