Preserving the Living Stones, the Christians, of the Holy Land would not be possible without the continued support of the Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land’s contributors. FFHL is so very thankful for the impact we have been able to make in the Holy Land because of the generosity of our donors. To help further our mission and continue our target efforts of stopping the Christian exodus from the area, FFHL is launching the Good Shepherd Society.

The Good Shepherd Society is for donors who wish to keep contributing to FFHL’s mission after they have passed and God has welcomed them into the Kingdom of Heaven. These  meaningful gifts allow FFHL to change the lives of Holy Land Christians. Individuals who wish to leave a donation to FFHL in their estate will be welcomed to the Good Shepherd Society and their impact will live on through the organization.

The names listed below represent all those we are aware of to date, who have made a provision for FFHL in their estate plans. They are charter members of the Good Shepherd Society.

  • Dr. Joyce K.S. Babiak
  • Wanda Bears*
  • Helen Mary Bernard*
  • Carl Bieniewski*
  • Kaximierz Blachut*
  • Stanley Borowski*
  • Rev. Michael J Chonko*
  • The Doyle* Family Estate
  • John C. Druding*
  • Michael J. Eivers*
  • Palma Farr*
  • Raphael Hellmann*
  • Marvin & Esther Jacobs Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Anna J. Kunke*
  • Margaret McElroy*
  • Edmund Morelle*
  • Richard J. Noel*
  • Rosemary L. Phelps*
  • Denise Marie Scalzo
  • Clotilda Smith*
  • Marguerite B. Stein*
  • The Carmel J. Vitale* Living Trust
  • Charles P. Weber*
  • Mary Ryan and John H. Wilson II Fund at North Texas Community Foundation
  • Karinne Pevarnik Wolf*
  • Theresa R. Zawislak*

* deceased

If you have already made arrangements for a planned gift to FFHL, we would like to express our gratitude and welcome you to charter membership in the Good Shepherd Society. Please notify us of your intention by filling out the intention form below and sending it to Vice President of FFHL Denise Scalzo, OFS at

If you would like to learn more about the Good Shepherd Society and making a planned gift, we are happy to answer any questions or address any concerns. Contact us via email at or visit our new Good Shepherd Society website at

As always we are truly grateful for the support of our FFHL family.